April Showers and Flowers

The month of April is everything we are looking for after the winter. Glorious bursts of colors as flowers gently open to the warm rays of the sun. Travelling can be dull and boring, so brighten the experience by checking out nearby Botanical Gardens Nashville, TN Cheekwood Botanical Garden, not too far from the Scottish Inns Hotel located at 426 Murfreesboro Road, Nashville, TN 37210 Ranked #9 … Continue reading April Showers and Flowers

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FREE is GOOD! Part 3 of a 3 part series

Macy's 4th of July Parade flickr image by Joyce Andes
Macy’s 4th of July Parade
flickr image by Joyce Andes

Why not Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the birthplace of our country? You might head over to Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing for the Philadelphia Orchestra Neighborhood Concert or simply watch the fireworks at the Philly 4th of July Jam.

If Philly is not on your mind, perhaps the beauty of the Smoky Mountains is calling your name – so head over to UNC’s Kenan Memorial Stadium in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, to hear live music by Kenny Mann and Liquid Pleasure, and a spectacular light up the sky fireworks display. You don’t want to miss the watermelon eating contest as well . . .
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Stretching Your Travel Dollar . . .

It’s time to get down to leisure!  2013 was ushered in with some in trepidation, thanks to the political landscape over the past several months.  The news has been filled with impending disaster of the ‘fiscal cliff’, with many on edge with anticipation for the worst yet to come, halting any thought for the future, let alone planning a vacation.  Perhaps now is the time to be innovative when it comes to minimal to no discretionary income for a brief get-away, a weekend excursion, or an all out vacation.

This brings to mind my involvement with the USO while living in Germany.  One220px-Tour_Eiffel_Wikimedia_Commons of the many things USO does for its service members and their families is to provide economical recreational opportunities.  We lived in a very scenic area of Germany, less than a Berlin-zoodays drive to many popular attractions; such as Paris and the Eiffel Tower; Bavaria and its Black Forest;  Berlin and its famous zoo;  Belgium, home of the original French Fry and Luxembourg, a tiny country and home to several famous war memorials. 

Many may  not be familiar with the USO and its dependence on volunteers, and this my blog readers, is how some of my volunteers were able to venture into the French countryside, or tour a crumbling castle, or visit the famous art gallery ‘Le Louvre’ and so on.  Become a volunteer; drive a tour van, or earn a free seat on a tour. 

Today, there are numerous websites featuring volunteer opportunities tied to travel; however, they may not necessarily be FREE, but as the title says ‘Stretching Your Travel Dollar’, might just be the way to get out and go in 2013!
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Things That Go Bump In The Night . . .

October offers countless wonderful tourist opportunities all the way to the very end of the month when on October 31st  many celebrate  Halloween; a holiday that conjurs up more than costume and candy sales, it also brings out the creepiest, scariest venues of all: haunted houses, which are also considered tourist attractions.

According to Haunted House Magazine, “The haunted house industry started back in the early 1970’s predominantly as charity attractions” . . . today “many people load up their vehicles, take off work for a week, and travel from city to city finding haunted houses throughout the nation that make their heart pound and the hair on the back of their neck rise.”
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“Autumn Leaves of Red and Gold” . . .

October ushers in falling leaves, pumpkin patches, cooler nights and possible frost, a sure sign of Autumn, where ‘leaf peeping’  has folks from all over searching for that perfect venue to see green leaves turn to red, yellow, orange and gold.
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Moon River . . . .

I was saddened to learn of the recent death of crooner Andy Williams, who made the song Moon River famous.  This event however brought about an idea for this travel blog.  First, I learned that a river inlet in Savannah, Georgia named Moon River was so named in honor of Johnny Mercer, who along with Henry Mancini composed this award-winning song in 1961.  

I thought,  “Why not write about rivers and their relationship to tourism?”  When you think of it;  interior waterways have helped tourism move along in many directions.  pun intended
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Reflecting on January . . .

Except for those of us who might be called snow bunnies, most folks don’t care for the month of January, which normally is a cold and dreary month.  January, however, yields many reasons for travel, and certainly reflecting on the past  . . . such as . . . .

The first presidential election was held in January 1789; subsequently four U.S. presidents were born in the month of January,  and four U.S. presidents died in the month of January; among them President Theodore Roosevelt.
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