FREE is GOOD! Part 3 of a 3 part series

Macy's 4th of July Parade flickr image by Joyce Andes
Macy’s 4th of July Parade
flickr image by Joyce Andes

Why not Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the birthplace of our country? You might head over to Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing for the Philadelphia Orchestra Neighborhood Concert or simply watch the fireworks at the Philly 4th of July Jam.

If Philly is not on your mind, perhaps the beauty of the Smoky Mountains is calling your name – so head over to UNC’s Kenan Memorial Stadium in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, to hear live music by Kenny Mann and Liquid Pleasure, and a spectacular light up the sky fireworks display. You don’t want to miss the watermelon eating contest as well . . .
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Things That Go Bump In The Night . . .

October offers countless wonderful tourist opportunities all the way to the very end of the month when on October 31st  many celebrate  Halloween; a holiday that conjurs up more than costume and candy sales, it also brings out the creepiest, scariest venues of all: haunted houses, which are also considered tourist attractions.

According to Haunted House Magazine, “The haunted house industry started back in the early 1970’s predominantly as charity attractions” . . . today “many people load up their vehicles, take off work for a week, and travel from city to city finding haunted houses throughout the nation that make their heart pound and the hair on the back of their neck rise.”
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“Autumn Leaves of Red and Gold” . . .

October ushers in falling leaves, pumpkin patches, cooler nights and possible frost, a sure sign of Autumn, where ‘leaf peeping’  has folks from all over searching for that perfect venue to see green leaves turn to red, yellow, orange and gold.
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No Matter Where Your Travels Take You . . . .

Who would have thought that February, which many do not consider the ideal month to travel in to also be one of the most popular months of the year for tourism.

Certainly you have to list the sunny shores of Florida and the Daytona 500, which happens to be February 26th this year, as one of the key reasons to travel south, especially if you live in the frigid northern climes.  Just being able to shed all those extra layers of clothing and drink in the sea air is enough reason to trek down I-75 or I-95.
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Reflecting on January . . .

Except for those of us who might be called snow bunnies, most folks don’t care for the month of January, which normally is a cold and dreary month.  January, however, yields many reasons for travel, and certainly reflecting on the past  . . . such as . . . .

The first presidential election was held in January 1789; subsequently four U.S. presidents were born in the month of January,  and four U.S. presidents died in the month of January; among them President Theodore Roosevelt.
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A “Monumental” Road Trip

Great Sand Dunes of Colorado, Flickr image by Ed Siasoco (aka SC Fiasco)
Great Sand Dunes of Colorado, Flickr image by Ed Siasoco (aka SC Fiasco)

One does not necessarily have to trek to the four corners of the word to appreciate the beauty of magnificent monuments, be they architectural or natural wonders.  Today, with the Internet and popular TV shows like National Geographic, you can be an arm-chair-tourist and be easily taken to unbelievable sites.   
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Road Trips: “Memoralized”

Marine Corp Memorial, Iwo Jima - Wikimedia Commons image

Hundreds of thousands, and even millions have traveled the world over to visit a variety of memorials and monuments; and while most are considered tourist attractions, memorials; in particular, are also physical symbols of our reverence; remembrances of a historic person or event.

Korean War Veterans Memorial -Flickr image by Rob Crawley

 Memorial Day, as well as the upcoming 4th of July Holiday provide a perfect opportunity for road trips to make those memorable visits; although visiting memorials and monuments is popular throughout the year.
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