6 Great Apps For Traveling

Traveling in unfamiliar places can be frustrating. Where’s the cheapest gas, the best food, free WiFi? Load these FREE apps and the answers will be at your finger tips. Don’t leave home without this FREE App! Gas prices can vary enormously by up to 20 cents a gallon or more. The Gasbuddy App will find the cheapest gas price in the USA or Canada by city/zip or postal … Continue reading 6 Great Apps For Traveling

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ZOOrific Holiday Family Outings

Flickr image by cliff1066 tm of Zoo Lights at the National Zoo
Flickr image by cliff1066 tm of Zoo Lights at the National Zoo

When was the last time you visited a zoo? If I am the example it more than likely was when you were a youngster, or your children or grandchildren were youngsters.

Flickr image by therichardlife
Flickr image by therichardlife
What could be more magical than Christmas at the zoo – with twinkling lights strung up along the walkways leading everyone to playful chimps, long-necked giraffes, big and fuzzy bears, or a magnificent tiger or two, amongst other creatures, sure to delight the whole family. More and more zoos decorate with lights and dazzling displays to encourage families to include animals in their holiday activities, be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or any number of culturally traditional holidays during December and January.

Indianapolis Zoo at Christmastime (photo courtesy Indianpolis Zoo)
Indianapolis Zoo at Christmastime (photo courtesy Indianpolis Zoo)
It seems the Indianapolis Zoo was the “first zoo (since 1957) in the U.S. to hold a holiday lights event.” Since then, Christmas at the Indianapolis Zoo “has become known for its spectacular holiday lights and Christmas displays,” making it a great place for holiday memories. Surely if there has been snow falling during this time, when evening comes and twinkling lights set the stage, it would indeed be magical!
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FREE is Good! (part 1 of a 3 part series)

beach by vlitvinov
Schools out, and while many folks plan their summer vacation well in advance, there are that many more who don’t. All, however, face the daunting task of where to take the family, especially if children are involved. Pets are also often a consideration as to whether to leave them with a caretaker or pack their leashes and include them in the summer fun.

The cost of getting away can be a factor, and often dictates how far one can go and how long they can stay. Let’s face it, vacations can be quite costly; I have therefore collected a montage of fun or interesting places for the family, focusing on FREE. I have even included a post script where the family pet is concerned. Read on . . .
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Time to Hit the Road . . . . Take in the Sites . . . . Lots to See and Do!

Soon it will be summer – time to think about weekend excursions, week-long vacations or simply just getting away. How about unique architectural tourist finds? They say, “don’t judge a book by its cover” but in Kansas City it’s the book covers that will entice you to look a little deeper. Add to this mix a couple of festivals and we’re off to a good start.

kite by flythebirdpathBy the way, if someone tells you to ‘go fly a kite’ you might be visiting Kansas City, and they just might be talking about Lee’s Summit, just south of KC, where the MCC-Lonview Flights of Fancy Kite Festival is taking place on April 20th. The KC Kite Club is holding this one-of-a-kind event (in the region) on the picturesque grounds at the MCC-Longview campus. Along with the world’s largest windsock (three stories high and 200’ long) you’ll be treated to an inflatable maze, face painting and plenty of great food like the Chartroose Caboose, and KC Poppers.
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Family Fun for the Holidays . . .

Black Friday conjurs up visions of throngs of people pushing, shoving, tugging, and cajoling their way to the head of the crowds or to be first in line to pay for their hard-fought bargains.  Aside from all that chaos though, it also marks the beginning of the  season to be merry, be it Hanukkah, Christmas or Kwanzaa, and for the most part ignites the holiday spirit in many folks.

Get-packin.com wants to help kick-start the holiday spirit as well, but, our contribution is to help you find fun places to go, especially with the family.  So, pull up your easy chair, bring the whole gang in, and check out all these holiday events, like A Very  Furry Christmas” at Sesame Place, located in Langhorne, PA., about 30 minutes from Philadelphia and 90 minutes south of New York City.
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