Travel Tips for Packing

suitcase-1557217.jpgYou’ve researched, you’ve planned and you’ve booked. Now you’re counting down the days till you set off. Just the packing left to do. How well this stage goes will depend on what sort of packer you are. Read on for some tips you may have forgotten or just not seen.

#1 Organize your case and compress your clothes at the same time

dog-in-the-bag-1362561If fitting everything in your suitcase is a major challenge, then maybe you have not discovered packing cubes. Several companies make them and you can buy them from various stores. I tried them for a recent 10 day trip to Europe and I easily fitted all my clothes into a carry on size case. Not sure how they could possibly save space or fit all your clothes in?  Watch this cute short video and perhaps you’ll be converted too!

#2 Packing a suit in a small suitcase?


Think it can’t be done? I packed my husband’s suit in a small suitcase for a recent trip abroad. He was skeptical and unconvinced, and i was worried that it might not go as planned,but thankfully it worked perfectly! No creases or wrinkles after several days travelling. Watch this video to see how it can be done.

#3 Rolling, Folding or Bundling?

zero waste travel_01

Are you a Folder and like the ‘neatness look’ to your case when you are done? Perhaps you are a Roller – rolling every piece of clothing and confident you will use up every available space in your case. Or maybe you are a Bundler – watch this video and decide if this is more your style of packing

However you like to pack, remember the wise words of Leslie Wilmott, a packing expert: ‘It’s a suitcase, not a closet”

Happy Packing!

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