Trekking to Historic Theatres

President Abraham Lincoln, presidential box in Ford's Theatre
President Abraham Lincoln, presidential box in Ford’s Theatre
April 15th is probably more-well known as being the deadline to pay one’s Federal and State Taxes foreshadowing a date that has gone down in history. The headlines magnified April 14th as the day the President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, was shot and mortally wounded, although Lincoln did not die until the morning of April 15, 1865.

This horrific event occurred in Ford’s Theatre, at the hands of John Wilkes Booth, a famous actor turned assassin. There had been a number of stories associated with the assassination of the President, including (years later) that Ford’s Theater was cursed since more than one tragedy occurred there.

Ford's Theatre in 1870 and in 2011
Ford’s Theatre in 1870 and in 2011

Unless you are a history buff you may not have known Ford’s theatre was originally built in 1833 as a House of Worship until 1861, when the First Baptist Church of Washington, DC moved to a newly built structure. John T. Ford bought the church, renovated it for a theatre, only to be destroyed by fire one year later. Not to be discouraged, Ford rebuilt the structure and opened the magnificent “thespian temple” in August 1863. Its theatre fame, however, was short lived. Following Lincoln’s assassination an order was given that Ford’s Theatre was prohibited from being used as a public place for entertainment, thus the building was used for other purposes for a number of years.
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“A Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet”

Cherry Blossoms in full bloom in Washington, DC
Cherry Blossoms in full bloom in Washington, DC
What is it about natural beauty that beckons us to travel for miles across the country, down a country lane, up a winding mountain road or to tropical paradises just to gaze at and gush over flowering cherry trees, azaleas in full bloom, the beauty of roses, or to take in a breathtaking sunrise or sunset scene? I’m sure there are a multitude of reasons, but the one thing that strikes me most is that people can be seen smiling, along with the oohs and ash’s while clicking away on cameras and cell phones alike.

Depending on personal preferences, many find festivals where the flora (flowers, trees and bushes) is still in its natural habitat (on bushes, plants or trees); but, there are as many who not only appreciate the beauty of a multitude of flowers, but the creativity and engineering feats of flower festooned floats, or perhaps flower petals, leaves, seeds and the like magically appearing as flower carpets and other floral wonders to behold.

Tulips in bloom - Creative Commons image by Sandeep Pawar
Tulips in bloom – Creative Commons image by Sandeep Pawar

No matter if it is the aroma of fragrant roses wafting through the air, or the sight of a field of blue bonnets gently swaying along the Texas plains, or the thrill of seeing sunshine yellow jonquils whispering spring is around the corner; let’s face it, our general spirits are lifted with the site of nature’s beauty.
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