“Autumn Leaves of Red and Gold” . . .

October ushers in falling leaves, pumpkin patches, cooler nights and possible frost, a sure sign of Autumn, where ‘leaf peeping’  has folks from all over searching for that perfect venue to see green leaves turn to red, yellow, orange and gold.

Scenic views offering a heart-stopping kaleidescope of fall colors where larger than life Maple trees offer up brilliant reds and contrasting golds; and white-barked Colorado Aspen’s or New England’s Birch and Redbud trees drop leaves of orange and gold. 

Why not refer to http://travelerhubs.hubpages.com citing the number one place for leaf peepers; Charlottesville, VirginiaAfter leaving the Blue Ridge Mountain area, you may want to trekk up to Milford, Pennsylvania, especially near the Delaware River that runs through the forests, where the beauty of fall foilage graces the countryside.  As you leave Pennsylvania and head further east you’ll find another popular site to see Autumn at its finest in Camden, Maine, where bursts of fall colors reflect off a mirror of water in port after port.

Also, the Smokey Mountains boasts of many areas that will delight those leaf peepers, in places like Sevierville, near Gatlinburg, where at every turn in the road you’ll thrill to the explosion of fall colors.  Not to be outdone by Autumns’ beauty along the eastern seaboard is Colorado’s Glenwood Springs, rated number two, where you’ll experience breathtaking fall venues, not only from the beautiful golden and orange hues of falling Aspen leaves, but from the sheer majesty of snow-capped mountains and the rustic landsape of the Rockies.

If leaf peeping is not on your agenda, perhaps browsing through one of many fall bazaars is your cup of tea.  Why in Houston, Texas alone October festivals celebrate Asian Americans, Alligators, the Bayou, Greeks, the Renaissance, people from the Czech Republic and Germany, Cajuns and catfish, Italians, and your family pet to name a few.  Simply check your local Chamber of Commerce event calendar for a fall festival or bazaar in your community.

There’s plenty to do as Autumn leaves begin to fall . . . . and to get you into the mood, check out these videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/okanokumo?v=2E_WUZ5FvtE or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BRu-S-nHzI

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