Things That Go Bump In The Night . . .

October offers countless wonderful tourist opportunities all the way to the very end of the month when on October 31st  many celebrate  Halloween; a holiday that conjurs up more than costume and candy sales, it also brings out the creepiest, scariest venues of all: haunted houses, which are also considered tourist attractions.

According to Haunted House Magazine, “The haunted house industry started back in the early 1970’s predominantly as charity attractions” . . . today “many people load up their vehicles, take off work for a week, and travel from city to city finding haunted houses throughout the nation that make their heart pound and the hair on the back of their neck rise.”
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“Autumn Leaves of Red and Gold” . . .

October ushers in falling leaves, pumpkin patches, cooler nights and possible frost, a sure sign of Autumn, where ‘leaf peeping’  has folks from all over searching for that perfect venue to see green leaves turn to red, yellow, orange and gold.
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Moon River . . . .

I was saddened to learn of the recent death of crooner Andy Williams, who made the song Moon River famous.  This event however brought about an idea for this travel blog.  First, I learned that a river inlet in Savannah, Georgia named Moon River was so named in honor of Johnny Mercer, who along with Henry Mancini composed this award-winning song in 1961.  

I thought,  “Why not write about rivers and their relationship to tourism?”  When you think of it;  interior waterways have helped tourism move along in many directions.  pun intended
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