ROAD TRIP – – – to New London, Connecticut

You'll have a whale of a good time in New London doing a little whale watching - Flickr photo by sneakerdog

Could it be an echo of the past?  Boys and girls of all ages cringed when learning of an impending road trip with Mom and Dad.  It certainly wasn’t the destination: It was simply getting there that caused all the commotion. 

We’re here to take the pain out of that road trip – so pull up a seat and join us as an armchair tourist because we’re heading to the seaport city of New London, Connecticut, a city steeped in seafaring tradition and located at the mouth of the Thames River along the upper eastern seaboard of the U.S. 

New London was originally called Nameaug by the Pequot Indians; later named after London England on March 10, 1658.  It was said to have the best deep water harbor on Long Island Sound, and consequently became the base of American Naval Operations during the American Revolution.  Today, it is home to the United States Coast Guard Academy.

Here are some of the reasons you should take a road trip to New London:

  • The U.S. Coast Guard Eagle - photo as seen on Wikimedia Commons

    Tour the Coast Guard’s Cutter, “Chinook” or its tall ship, the Eagle (She is one of only two active commissioned sailing vessels in American military service).

  • Visit the historic United Church of Christ  on State Street.
  • It was (at one time during the 19th Century) the 2nd busiest whaling city in the world – you’ll want to trek down Whale Oil Row between 105-119 Huntington St.  You won’t want to miss visiting the Tale of the Whale Museum while there.
  • Wet your whistle at Dutch Tavern on Green Street – “a favorite of Nobel and Pulitzer-prize playwright, Eugene O’Neill, which is also part of the fun, delicious, historic, scenic, and cultural district of New London.”  Be sure to order a cheese-burger!
  • New London is the half-way point between New York City and Boston.
  • Attend the I AM Festival – learn more about festival dates and entertainers who will be there?  Check this site:


An imposing site - Fort Trumbull is protected by canons - Flickr photo by divemasterking2000
  • Tour Fort Trumbull.
  • Make your way to the New London Historic Waterfront District.

Road trips can be fun for the whole family.  There are numerous site-seeing opportunities; many of them at no cost.  Pack a picnic lunch, and after a day of exploring new sites, consider overnight lodging as part of your excursion. 

Click here to get information about a good night’s sleep in New London and the Connecticut area.


One thought on “ROAD TRIP – – – to New London, Connecticut

  1. Another great article Louise, loved the bit about the whale watching…I took my son to Maine a few years ago and did some whale watching there, it was awesome…Makes me what to plan a trip to New London……thanks

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