Take Time: To Smell the Roses . . .

Many of you, our readers, have heard the saying, “take time to smell the roses” but, do you really heed these words.  Today our lives seem to revolve around technology; Throw in work, family and extra curricular activities; and often times we find ourselves asking, where does the time go?   SLOW DOWN . . .

. . . especially at this time of year when nature has begun to stretch her arms out and shake off the doldrums of those blah winter months.  It seems, every state in the union, has some type of spring wake up call, usually known as a flower festival.  Since technology is so much a part of our lives now, there is no excuse for you not finding one in your own back yard or in a community within an easy day’s drive.

Check these out:

  • In Arkansas you’ll find Magnolias and Jonquils being show cased.  Travel to Washington, Arkansas and you’ll be treated to those sunny yellow early bloomers plus a whole lot more:  http://www.historicwashingtonstatepark.com/ 

  • Where else would you celebrate the majestic magnolia than in Magnolia, Arkansas, where you can enjoy a sidewalk art show and a championship steak cook off as well? http://www.blossomfestival.org/


  • Who would have thought a festival in the Northeast would be so popular in brrrr: February!  Hartford, Connecticut puts on one of the most prestigious flower and garden shows in New England, with its breathtaking gardens spread over 3 acres featuring many floral and horticultural masterpieces. 


  • Let’s spring forward to March and head to Georgia for the annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Conyers, a bustling community East of Atlanta, where more than 400,000 visitors can enjoy continuous entertainment and more than 300 booths of arts and crafts amidst a canopy of cherry pink blossoms.  Learn more at: http://www.conyerscherryblossom.com/


  • Tulips anyone?  In April and May you need look no further than Holland, Michigan.  This namesake town for Holland in the Neatherlands, celebrates its Dutch heritage with 1,500 wooden shoe dancers and tulips of every color and type imaginable.  Learn more here: http://www.tuliptime.org/ but, if Michigan is too far north for you, then stop by Pella, Iowa where they scrub the streets twice daily for Dutch dancers in authentic costume  for both afternoon and evening performances.  Here’s the scoop on this flower festival: http://www.pellatuliptime.com/

Check out this website to find out about more colorful flower festivals, and please take time to smell the roses . . .  . http://www.topeventsusa.com/flower-events.html  

Need overnight lodging when visiting a flower festival?  Want to save money as well?  Visit us at www.BookRoomsNow.com

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