Scaring up Business

Scarecrow flickr photo by Randy Son of Robert

In this day and economy it takes ingenuity to get your fair share of business, so it comes as no surprise that using ‘scarecrows’ to scare up business is a sure fire way to get attention.  It appears that merchants, Steve and Sue Marrazzo, owners of Simple Gestures Gift Shop and Art Gallery, who originated the concept in St. Augustine, Florida, are not only calling attention to their own business located on Anastasia Boulevard in the oldest city of America, but their idea has bloomed all along the Boulevard and throughout St. Augustine, as merchants of all types have climbed on board this newest marketing tactic.

Most famous scarecrow of them all can be seen at Oz Park - Flickr photo by ikrichter

About ten scarecrows are having a picnic at the R. B. Hunt Elementary School, while a tattered scarecrow is encouraging residents to get their flu shot at Island Doctors establishment.  This phenomenon has now blossomed into a daylong event that recently took place on October 16th, considered an old-fashioned fall fun day.  Hats off to the Marrazzo’s for coming up with a simple but fun solution in attracting would-be customers, and what could be better than to turn it into an activity for a charitable cause that will no doubt bring a smile to many faces

St. Augustine is already known for its fall activities, especially those affiliated with Halloween and all things that go bump in the night.  First there is the Ripley’s Halloween Ghost Trail where you can board a Ghost Train, visit a variety of haunts, call on spirits from days gone by and just have an eerie good time.  This begins on October 16th and goes through Halloween.  Then, beginning October 26th-31st, Halloween-Haunted St. Augustine is everywhere with ghost walk tours, hayrides, trick or treat parties and just a ghoulish good time for all.

Thinking of Halloween brings to mind “haunted happenings” in Massachusetts, especially Salem where you can take a ghost cruise, be introduced to Italian witchcraft, experience ghosts in 3-D, tour Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery, tremble as you walk about the haunted neighborhood of the Salem Wax Museum, don your one-eyed mask as you visit the New England Pirate Museum, and learn all about witches at the Salem Witch Museum.

Ghost tours are available (not just at Halloween) in New Orleans cemeteries - Flickr photo by benswing

Let’s not forget New Orleans, Louisiana, where you can take your pick of a ghost, voodoo or vampire tour as well as visiting numerous haunted cemeteries.

Although these tours are popular tourist attractions, it sounds kind of spooky to me — Happy Halloween . . .

Jackolantern - Flickr photo by euart

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