Nostalgia at its Best: Antique Car Shows

Austin Bantam displayed at 2009 Hershey Fall Meet - Flickr photo by Hugo90

While not every one might be a car buff, there are certainly enough folks out there who are enamored with antique cars; those roadsters, Model T and Model A coups, Bentley’s and the like.  Certainly anyone who has reached beyond the age of 60+ can remember back in the day when putt putt and whiz bang was the normal sound heard as automobiles began replacing horse and buggy and more ancient forms of transportation.

1939 Studebaker Truck at 2009 Hershey Fall Meet - Flickr Photo by Hugo90

Not everyone held onto their beloved antique automobiles, but that does not mean they have disappeared from the landscape.  On the contrary, since antique car shows keep four-wheeled nostalgia alive.

Some 90,000 + persons will attend the Fall Carlisle Collector Car Swap Meet & Corral, held at the 102 acre Carlisle, PA Fair Grounds.  Carlisle is known as “a utopia to collector, classic and custom car and truck enthusiasts.”   What better time to have an event such as this than in the early fall days when leaves begin to turn yellow, gold and red.  The Pennsylvania countryside will begin to don its amber-colored coat and people from all over the world will pour in to admire nostalgia at its best amidst the natural beauty of this part of America.  Mark your calendars as this year’s Carlisle show begins on September 29th through October 2nd.  To find out more about the Carlisle car show, visit:

Photo of Spring Carlisle Auto Show - courtesy of Carlisle Events

If you miss the Carlisle show, then you still have an opportunity the following weekend to view those old beauties (October 6th through the 9th) when it moves to Hershey.  A little bit of trivia:  The Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) celebrates their 75th Anniversary this year.  The AACA was started in November 1935, in Philadelphia, PA., and held their Diamond Jubilee celebration in Louisville, Kentucky earlier this year.  It began small, with fourteen men (and one wife), but now boasts a membership of nearly 60,000.  To learn more about this organization and about all its planned events, you can find them here:

Chocolate World I - Flickr photo by anne.oeldorfhirsch

“All roads lead to Hershey,” or at least they have for 55 years since the AACA began hosting its Eastern Division car show in the Hershey Region. People who attend this car show enjoy far more than antique automobiles though, simply due to its proximity to Harrisburg, the capitol of Pennsylvania, its nearness to Chocolate Town and its many attractions.  We can’t forget the Lancaster countryside with its tie to the Pennsylvania Dutch and Quakers, who are easily recognized for their horse and buggy mode of transportation still being used today.  The Lancaster countryside is also dotted with well tended farms and distinct architecture, a must see for history buffs and nostalgia of a different kind.  For more information and the event schedule please log onto, and for those of you who are interested in other things as well, why not visit the Hershey Chamber of Commerce website at: or

Rural Pennsylvania - Sunny, Flickr photo by Nicholas_T

By the way, if Pennsylvania isn’t conveniently nearby for you, there are at least six more (AACA) car shows to take place this year, including the 21st Annual Antique & Classic Auto Show in Franklin, Tennessee; the Hilton Head Islands Concurs d’ Elegance & Motoring Festival on Oct. 29th – Nov. 7th in Hilton Head, SC; and, there’s the California show and two car shows in Florida (Miami and Tampa) to finish out the year.

Happy Motoring . . .

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