April: A Great Month of Personal Meaning, and for Tourism As Well

Most everyone knows that April 1st is considered April Fools Day, but the month of April has some pretty serious events taking place besides Tom Foolery.

Ukranian Easter Eggs, Flickr photo by Amanda Niekamp

Although Passover began on March 30th this year, it is often recognized in the month of April.  This celebration for the Jewish people is an important event in their lives.  Likewise, Palm Sunday is deemed an important day to remember for Christians throughout the world, and of course it precedes Easter Sunday; a Christian holiday that has a lighter side associated with it; featuring Easter bonnets, the Easter Parade and of course the Easter Bunny, baskets and colorful eggs.

Other important events include Youth World Day, started in 1986 by Pope John Paul II, Patriots Day commemorating one of the earliest battles of the American Revolutionary War, Earth Day which was established in 1969 to inspire attentiveness and admiration of the Earth’s surroundings, and Arbor Day, which had its beginning in Nebraska all the way back to 1855.

Sterling Morton, who settled in southeastern Nebraska, saw a need for planting trees to sustain the land and their livelihood.  In 1872, when Morton became a member of the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture he was instrumental in setting aside one day a year for annual tree planning, which was in the month of April.  This was the prelude to Arbor Day and the celebration of trees.

Chandelier Tree, Flicker photo by hoslisticmonkey

Trees actually can promote tourism.  Think about the National Redwood Forest, and the ability to drive through a tree.  Did you know there are actually three drive-thru trees?  There is the Chandelier Tree located near the junctions of Hwy 101 and Hwy 1 in Leggett, California, while the Shrine Drive-Thru is located in Myers Flat, California and the Klamath Tour-Thru Tree can be found in Klamath, California.  All are privately owned, and there is a fee to drive through them, but think of the tales you can share of this awesome experience.  Want more information, just visit here:  http://www.drivethrutree.com/

2 thoughts on “April: A Great Month of Personal Meaning, and for Tourism As Well

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