The colors: Purple, Green and Gold

Colors are more than a combination of red, blue, yellow and green.  They are also known as verbal communication.  “Colors have symbolism and color meanings go beyond ink.”

When the Grand Duke, Alexis Romanoff, selected the official Mardi Gras colors of purple, green and gold, back in 1872; could he have done so because of the symbolism associated with these colors?  For instance, the color purple is symbolic of justice.  It is often associated with royalty, nobility and spirituality.  Note the rich hues of purple in many capes of kings and queens, as well as noted in robes and cassocks worn by various clergy.  Purple is also considered a mysterious color.

Life renewing green signifies growth, abundance in nature, renewal, health and environment.  However, seemingly a positive force in nature, green has also been associated with jealousy, a very strong emotion.  Green is symbolic of faith, and for most of us it is also the color of money! 

To back up that green money; we have the color gold!  Gold is the color of riches and extravagance.  It is symbolic of power.  Gold is opulence galore with gold gilded photo frames, gold flocking and stamping on cloth, gold tints on vases, and gold trim work on various buildings and Les edifices antiques. It is also a warm color that is considered bright, cheerful and traditional.

Throughout the ages the interiors of homes have been decorated with color; albeit each era seems to have its favorite hues.  For instance, the Victorian age saw an abundance of floral designs in colors like pink and rose in fabrics and wall coverings.  Today, Interior decorators often refer to a color wheel when selecting colors for home décor and look to the psychological meaning of various color hues to match the mood of the homes’ owner and occupants. 

Many schools and universities feature the colors purple and gold as their school colors; like LSU, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.   What are (or were) your school colors?  Do you have a favorite color, and why?  Why not share this information with your fellow readers.

Or, if you own a business, do you have a great sign?  What is the color of your signage, and why did you select it?  There are as many reasons as there are signs.  It would be fun to learn, and fun to share.

2 thoughts on “The colors: Purple, Green and Gold

  1. VERY nice blog. The articles are informative, interesting and VERY well written and researched. The site is attractive and well organized. Look forward to more travel articles!

  2. I agree 100% with the comment above. Informative, interesting and very well written….. This is a wonderful addition to web……

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